You must understand that a freelance business is still a business. You will have to plan and dissect your business for it to be successful. Do not overlook the planning phase, it can seem easy to just start freelance working, but you do not want to ignore details and end up in a real mess.

In terms of freelance business, it can be more of a guide, than a plan. It is a document that encompasses your dreams and goals that you can refer to.

Firstly, think about your dream life. You are fundamentally changing how you function and work, do what does your dream life entail? How much are you working? As a freelancer, you get to choose how much you work, and when you do it.

But before that, you need to figure out your financial situation. Firstly, how much do you currently make? Will you make more or less as a freelancer? If you are going to be making less as a freelancer, can you budget for that and continue to live the lifestyle you want?

Obviously, you also need to figure out exactly what your business will be. What are your skills and interests? How can you monetize them into a business? You will need to determine precisely what your services will be, who your clients will be and where you will find them.

You will also need to investigate any legal obligations that you will have; this means taxes and registration. Honestly, it is boring but necessary. With this, will come to a lot of industry research—check out your competition and your area to get an indication of what already exists and how you can improve.

In your business plan, you could include a list of dream clients, dream projects, and places where you can go to find clients—this way, if you get stuck, you will have something to turn back to. Preparing for a lull in business will help you to stick out any tough times.

You should update your plan as your business goals change and grow. One of the biggest causes of business failure comes from a failure to adapt.

Starting a freelance business is not as simple as opening your computer and having clients start pouring in. Freelance work can be hard work but creating a solid plan will give your business a strong foundation.